Interventions in the Area of Safety

Small dam operation standards in the Tagus basin.

El Parralejo

The challenge

The dam covered by the work is a clear example of the general situation of the group of Spanish dam concessionaires, where the infrastructures of “large owners” (hydroelectric companies, supply companies, etc.) are a minority compared to a large number of “small” dams owned by modest operators (either small town halls, agricultural holdings, etc.) with limited resources and that need to be optimized in order to correctly operate and maintain the infrastructures.

What did we do?

At ACIS2in, we have drawn up the standards pursuing the greatest simplicity possible. To do so, complying with all the requirements established in the Technical Guide for the Development of Standards for the Operation of Dams and Reservoirs of the Spanish General Directorate of Water of MITECO, we drafted a simplified document that seeks to improve the infrastructure’s operability without leaving aside any aspect that is essential for its safety.

After being drafted, the standards were very well received by the Tagus Hydrographic Confederation.

Report on the review and overall analysis of the safety of the dam over the Sinovas stream, in Araúzo de Salce, Burgos.

Agricultural Technological Institute of Castile and León (ITACyL)

The challenge

Fully optimize the available resources to be able to correctly operate and maintain the infrastructures that make up the dam over the Sinovas stream, located to the south of the province of Burgos.

The objective is for the created reservoir to safely and efficiently meet the irrigation needs of the Community of Irrigators of Araúzo de Salce.

What did we do?

We thoroughly reviewed the infrastructure, both from a hydrological, hydraulic and structural point of view. We also carried out the supervision and analysis of the technical file and safety documentation.

This work includes:

  • Review of all hydraulic elements for the evacuation of flows.
  • Analysis of auscultation data.
  • Programming of its own routines in “R” for the evaluation and comparison of the dam’s control parameters.

All interventions carried out respond to the safety requirements of current legislation, in compliance with Article 5.8 of the Spanish Technical Regulations on the Safety of Dams and Reservoirs.

Valuation of the Villagatón dam and technical assistance for the adaptation of the infrastructure’s Operating Regulations and Emergency Plan.

Governing and Administrative Body of Castile and León

The challenge

Review and adapt the Operating Regulations and Emergency Plan, as well as inspect and report the status of an infrastructure that is 40 meters high with 4 hm3 of reservoir capacity. All of which in order to collaborate in the updating of the dam in view of it possibly being started up again.

What did we do?

The work done to review and adapt the safety documents included the adaptation of the documents in accordance with the requirements of the review reports of the Duero Hydrographic Confederation in 2018.

In addition to the general review of the Operating Regulations and Emergency Plan, we carried out:

  • The review and unification of the hydraulic calculations for the bottom drain.
  • The hydrological/hydraulic justification of the implemented embankments and the adoption of seasonal embankments in the cases in which it was necessary.
  • The connection between the OR and the Emergency Plan, with the preparation of the corresponding section.
  • Their administrative adaptation.

After this action, the Governing and Administrative Body launched several tenders to adapt the dam’s facilities and equipment, as well as its current auscultation system for its automation.