Design and


  • Present in all the phases of the process for the design and construction of dams and reservoirs.
  • We do everything, from the planning and search for the best alternatives for the execution of your infrastructure, to the detailed engineering.

Regardless of whether you want us to help you with the whole project, or if you already have the means to execute it and simply need technical support, we are your team!


Safety assessment

1 We study the dam safety through our SmartDAM software.

We use methodologies based on machine learning to obtain more precise conclusions and results.

2 We offer technical support to adapt the dam to current regulations.

3 We prepare the paperwork requested by the legal regulators.

Studies of flooding areas

1 We do everything from providing consultancy services to conducting the flooding models.

2 We monitor the management and approval process by the legal regulators.

3 We look for the most effective alternatives to prevent river flooding.

Do you want to learn more about the new developments to increase the dam safety?

In addition, we offer custom solutions capable of adapting to the needs of each dam. Tell us about your case and we’ll find a solution adapted to your needs.

Numerical Modeling


We apply different models that fit needs of the hydraulic structures and river hydraulics:

In 3D.


We develop our own codes to offer solutions from new perspectives. With this mission, we have developed models to calculate:

Water distribution networks.
Pump stations.
Transient hydraulic regimes.

At ACIS2in, we optimize our models to guarantee their precision.

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Tailor-made courses where we combine our experience in the education sector with the expertise obtained in our professional career.

We know that all companies have different needs. Our aim is to adapt to everyone.

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